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5:00 p.m., 2006-07-27

So, here's the thing: as much as I love diaryland (it's free, it's easily navigable, it's...well, it's free), it has not exactly escaped my notice that over the years, the frequency of my entries has slipped into serious decline. I'm not BLAMING this on diaryland, per se, but there is something about its structure that prompts one to write long-winded entries. The kind that take a long time to create and edit, and so forth. In addition, there are some other inherent limitations - such as the fact that every time I want to add someone to my links, I have to go in and alphabetize and code by hand, which is a real drag. If only there were some site that would do that FOR me! If only there was a way I could be even LAZIER and still call myself an attentive blogger!

Oh wait! There IS such a site!

I have signed up for a temporary account over at Typepad, on an experimental basis, and am entering into a tentative relationship with same. If I like it and it makes me happy, I'll stick with them. If not...well, let's not consider that. In the meantime, you may find me at http://memoirsofanevilgenius.typepad.com. Please tell me what you think, as my fragile ego depends entirely on the validation of third-party individuals.

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