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10:47 p.m., 2003-07-02

Me: So. Mom tells me you knocked yourself out this afternoon.

KillerWorkout: Yeah, I guess I did.

Me: You “guess”?

KillerWorkout: Well, I don’t remember much. It’s all kind of foggy.

Me: Did you go to the hospital?

KillerWorkout: Probably.

Me: Right. How do you feel?

KillerWorkout: My head hurts. A lot.

Me: Are you taking painkillers?

KillerWorkout: I hope so.

Me: Hey, I think John G. raped and murdered your wife!

KillerWorkout: Oh, ha ha, very funny.

Me: What’s the last thing you do remember?

KillerWorkout: Um…actually, I can’t recall that much right now. It’s all kind of foggy.

Me: …you just said that.

KillerWorkout: Oh. Well, see there? Proof positive.

Me: How did it happen?

KillerWorkout: Mom didn’t tell you?

Me: She was laughing too hard.

KillerWorkout: I wish I could remember that at Christmas.

Me: So what happened?

KillerWorkout: I’m not sure, but I’m assuming it involved my head hitting something very hard, because it sure hurts a lot.

Me: Mom said you ran into a wall.

KillerWorkout: She did? I did?

Me: No, actually it was much, much stupider than that, but I’m going to be charitable and not remind you of how dumb you really are right now in your time of pain.

KillerWorkout: I appreciate that. Not that it would make much “impact”. So to speak.

Me: Hee! That was a good one!

KillerWorkout: Thanks. I wish I’d be able to remember it later.

Me: Remember what later?

KillerWorkout: I, um…hey, that’s not cool.

Me: Sorry.

KillerWorkout: That’s okay. I’ll just forget about it.

Me: Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t make much “impact”. So to speak.

KillerWorkout: Hey, that’s pretty good!

Me: Thanks, I just thought of it.

KillerWorkout: So, how’s it going?

Me: Oh, not too bad. My job is kind of…blah, but it’s okay. How about yours?

KillerWorkout: I don’t know, but it’s a job, so probably blah too.

Me: Oh, sure. Hey, have you seen Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle yet?

KillerWorkout: Um…maybe?

Me: Right. Damn. Hey, remember when you said you’d pay my cell phone bill?

KillerWorkout: Nice try.

Me: Hmph.

KillerWorkout: I’m going to give you back to Mom now, because I can’t remember why we were talking in the first place.

Me: I think it was so Mom and Dad could laugh at you.

KillerWorkout: That sounds like them. I think.

Me: Hey, I think John G. raped and murdered your wife!

KillerWorkout: Hee! That’s pretty good!

Me: Thanks, I just thought of it.

KillerWorkout: Okay, well, bye!

Me: Bye! Don’t forget the check for my cell phone bill!

KillerWorkout: Nice try.

Me: Damn.

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